I remember watching a video where Carlos Santana said that music rearranges molecules. It seems that he is essentially right. At least our current science has proven that music rearranges particles.

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Fantastic article, got chills while reading it - there is power in words as well as music! I too taught in a Waldorf school and have known about cymatics for decades, this is a great piece with depth and context that should further the study of this healing art. Also explains why 'bad' music is so deeply intolerable. Let's see how the sand jumps to the auto-tuned discord of current 'hits'!

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Feb 4, 2022Liked by Ted Gioia

Hows that for a rorschach test? The drums clip allmost freaked me, its alive!!!

Facinating, the opening of Mozarts reqiem always makes my eyes go wet.....lump in my throat...

Mind, matter and sound must be connected, it cant be anything other.

In the way babies go punkrock with their spoons and plates cause a parent says, hey you, look at the mess you made!!

Or the way a kid picks up speach and sings lullabies, toddlers will shake their booties to music and adults too.

How many of us play air-guitar to the first or second solo of comfortly numb? Ever seen a kid singing into a hairbrush?

We are creatures of sound and music, everything is linked if you have ears, eyes and hands that work.

Thanks Ted, facinating topic!

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Feb 21, 2022Liked by Ted Gioia

Also interesting to think that the impact of sound on matter is 3D not just flat. I love Cymatics. Thanks for writing this.

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Feb 5, 2022Liked by Ted Gioia

Fascinating! Thank you for introducing me to this subject. I want to explore further!

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So what are we doing when we play? What effects are we having on particles?….Humbling and immensely thought provoking.

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The conceptual underpinnings are not "a new theory of consciousness" but basic vibrational modes that anyone with a mid-level undergraduate math education could work out (for simple shapes, anyway). Granted, you won't find the aesthetic dimensions in a textbook on boundary value problems.

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It perhaps ties into the "Resonance Theory" of consciousness but, yes, we are simply seeing visual evidence that musical sounds seem to be made from sine waves whose length corresponds with multiples of the fundamental.

I suppose the point is that music is pleasurable, at least in part, because the sound waves are forming patterns of symmetry in the medium they travel in (air).

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