Fascinating article. Thank you! Only read parts of the abridged version but vaguely recall him writing Buddhism would appeal to a late culture.

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Sep 24, 2021Liked by Ted Gioia

I must read the whole book because this "was" very insightful.

I hope you do another article on this publication next year.

Meanwhile I will be watching to see what other gems you may have re-discovered when stacking the shelves of your new library

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Sep 22, 2021Liked by Ted Gioia

Incredibly visionary however dense the material.

A lot of that prediction feels fundamentally right to me living in the SF Bay Area circa 2021. There's a whole lot of atheism, straining after pleasure, and philosophies of digestion, nutrition and hygiene going on. Definitely there are communities who are entirely wishing they were the World State of Huxley's Brave New World, with ketamine subbing in handily for soma. I wonder if Huxley read Spenger?

It's possible that if you imagine a social hierachy that vaunts some combination of intelligence and conformity in a global single market the rest of this thesis just follows. I wonder.

Great article as usual!

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Have metropolitan centers captured the world's governments? Does democratization demand we challenge their hegemony? Don't know. Just asking.

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